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Dr Joanna Hickey

Dr Joanna Hickey from Wellness Medicine, specialised in integrative medicine, Clifton Hill Doctors


GP and Integrative (Functional) Medicine Doctor

Joanna has practised as a GP for over 25 years, with 15 years in Clifton Hill. She provides quality general practice care and access to complementary therapy where appropriate. She believes in the uniqueness of each individual and knows that people may respond differently to the same treatment.

“A GP is an ideal person to coordinate an individual’s health care and helps with decisions on which medical or complementary therapies may be appropriate. A GP can also provide medical screening and diagnosis for those wishing to use complementary therapies, while monitoring their condition and response to complementary treatment.”

Joanna is strongly aware of the mind-body connection in the process of healing. She has practised meditation for many years and encourages her patients to learn a meditation or relaxation technique to assist the healing process. She is studying for a Graduate Diploma in Integrative Medicine at Swinburne University.

“I am inspired by the potential of combining the latest of trends and technology in medical practice with complementary therapies. I opened the Queens Parade Integrative Medicine centre in December 2001 because I saw the need for a centre that provided our patients with a truly integrated approach. It has often been confusing for people – what, when and who to use – but we have changed that.”