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Rosemary (‘Rose’) De Lazzari

B.A. (Multicultural Studies)

Senior Receptionist

Rosemary (‘Rose’) De Lazzari is the Senior Receptionist at Wellness Medicine

Immediately after completing her degree, Rose joined Colonial Mutual as a team leader in customer service. Rose’s roles included leading call centre teams and administration teams, as well as roles in training and development. She moved from the bank to Melbourne City Baths, Parks and Recreation division of MCC. Rose was running corporate programs for health & wellness in the workplace. This was where her interest in the type of medicine delivered by WM began. “The focus was on prevention rather than cure, that is, encouraging ‘wellness’ – challenging but incredibly valuable if you succeed” she says.

By early 2019 she joined WM, where her abilities quickly became apparent and she is now Senior Receptionist.

Rose comments about WM that “everyone here – patients and team-mates – are lovely. The great thing is that, because of the nature of the medicine, we build long-term relationships with the patients so get to know them really well”.

Rose goes on to say that “it’s fabulous here. It makes me get up every morning and want to come to work”.