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Skin Check by general practitioners at Wellness Medicine centre, Clifton Hill Doctors

Almost all people who have grown up within Australia have had plenty of sun exposure with many having sustained at least one significant sunburn, a risk factor for skin cancer.

As part of our recommendations for care of your skin an annual skin check is a perfect way to catch changes to moles, freckles and other skin lesions before they turn nasty.

At Wellness Medicine Clifton Hill our doctors are trained in skin examination as well as dermatoscopy, a special tool that helps identify changes in the layers of the skin. We are equipped to be able to do diagnostic biopsies as well as excisions of moles should they need to be removed.

All biopsies and excised moles are sent for review with our pathologists. Should further treatments be required we are able to refer to our local dermatology clinics as well as specialist dermatologists and plastic surgeons.

You can easily book an appointment for a skin cancer checkup by booking an appointment today. This can be done via our online booking system or by contacting our friendly reception team on (03) 9489 7955