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Skin Check by general practitioners at Wellness Medicine centre, Clifton Hill Doctors

Almost all people who have grown up within Australia have had plenty of sun exposure, with many having sustained at least one significant sunburn, a risk factor for skin cancer. Skin cancer accounts for almost 80% of all newly diagnosed cancers every year. We understand that preventing skin cancer is easy and needs proactive diagnosis. 

At our skin check clinic in Melbourne, our GPs are well-trained in carrying out skin check examinations, which may include performing a biopsy, paying attention to particular spots in your skin.

What to expect for your skin check

Before you go for any skin check, it is important to get yourself prepared for the consultation. Be ready to ask out your questions. Also, a clean and easy to examine skin makes your check-up easier and accurate. Generally, at our clinic, you can expect these steps, but it depends, from patient to patient. 

Step 1

Your skin check ideally starts with filling a medical history form. This helps us to put your details in our system and our doctors use this throughout your consulation.

Step 2

Our doctors will examine your skin for identifying particular spots of concern. We recommend not to use any tan, make-up or even defer your visit if you had any laser skin treatment recently

Step 3

If any irregularities are discovered a biopsy is performed and sent to pathologists for further examination. Should further treatment is required, referral to specialists are provided.

What do our doctors recommend and do?

As per our doctor’s recommendations for care of your skin, an annual skin check is a perfect way to catch changes to moles, freckles and other lesions before they turn problematic. 

At our Melbourne based skin check clinic, our team of doctors are trained in dermatoscopy. They use this technique to identify changes in your skin layers. Our facility is equipped with latest skin check tools to be able to perform diagnostic biopsies as well as excisions of moles, should they need to be removed. 

We would also recommend specialist dermatologists and plastic surgeons, should there be a need for further treatment of your skin.

An early skin check puts you in a better position to prevent skin cancer or in some cases, surgery. If you are concerned about skin health, you can read this guide to check for signs and symptoms. 

You can easily book an appointment for your skin cancer check by booking an appointment with us today. You can either book us online or by speaking with our friendly staff at (03) 9489 7955