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Integrative Chronic fatigue medicine at Wellness Medicine, Clifton Hill Doctors

With chronic fatigue, what sort of results has integrative medicine had for people living with chronic fatigue? I understand it’s a very frustrating disease that’s not well understood.

It is frustrating. As a diagnosis, it’s a bucket list. I mean, there’s a whole lot of conditions that come under chronic fatigue. One person with chronic fatigue is different from another with chronic fatigue. – Dr Hickey

I find the results can be better than the conventional medical profession because you can delineate further what the cause behind it is. You’re not just saying, “Oh, it’s just chronic fatigue and you need …” I mean, the conventional wisdom around it is, obviously, it’s a diagnosis of exclusion. You have to have excluded all of the common medical conditions, including mental health, including depression. Then you have chronic fatigue.

I think the treatment is very frustrating. It’s often that the patient learns how to pace themselves, they learn how to gradually introduce exercise into their regime, obviously, you look at psychological issues, but it’s actually very vague. Although I think there’s a place for all of that as part of the treatment, I think you can actually find out a lot more about what the underlying cause of it is by looking at some of these hormonal and nutritional imbalances.