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Dr Lydia Senycia


Dr Lydia Senycia - General Practitioner

Born in Melbourne, Lydia has over 30 years experience as a GP and has treated a wide range of patients and medical conditions.

Lydia’s speciality is in consultation and her ability to find a solution, a treatment or an action plan, that works for individual patients.

Lydia believes in the importance of listening and getting to know patients’ problems and the history of their treatments. “Good medicine takes time,” she says.

“Sometimes people present with simple conditions, but there is something underneath. Complex conditions develop over time, so it helps to develop a relationship with a patient.”

Experience is valuable in general practice.

“I have treated many conditions. You learn to put two and two together and think laterally and get all the information you have accumulated to formulate a diagnosis that someone who hasn’t had that breadth of experience might not be able to do.”

Lydia has studied the treatment of child abuse and taught doctors ways to help children who have been abused or neglected. She has worked in paediatrics and also has four children of her own.

She also believes mental health and physical health “are intimately intertwined” and that nutrition is an important part of overall health.

 “Western medicine is too often about intervention, but a good consultation will integrate many aspects of a person’s health and welfare and help them to heal themselves.”

With a Bachelor of Education, Lydia has taught medical students at Melbourne University and developed reference materials for distance education.

Appropriately for a doctor who believes in the importance of communication, Lydia also speaks three languages, Ukrainian, German and English. And, disproving a stereotype about doctors, she even has elegant handwriting.