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"Medicine" at Wellness Medicine

“…. it is the job of any doctor to support quality of life.”

Being Mortal’ – Atul Gawande (Prof of Public Health, Harvard)

the core tasks of medicine are seeking to keep people well and caring for people who are unwell.

– Medical Board of Australia

At Wellness Medicine we agree with both.

The foundation for what we do to deliver on these ideals is a high quality general family medical practice with doctors, nurses and support staff committed to excellence.

For patients whom it is difficult to treat effectively within the traditional general practice framework because of the nature and complexity of the conditions, Wellness Medicine also offers a speciality in Integrative (sometimes called Functional) Medicine delivered by our founder, Dr Joanna Hickey.

To get the best results for our patients the whole team works hard to achieve close collaboration. We know that no doctor alone can ever know enough and we try to augment this by sharing our combined expertise internally or going ‘outside’ if necessary. We believe good medicine demands the wisdom which comes from humility and a deep respect for our patients as partners in their wellbeing.

Our practice was started by Dr Joanna Hickey 20 years ago and she is still the owner. As we move into the future we are working to ensure that ownership of the clinic remains in the hands of the people who practise and work here and share the philosophy just outlined. We believe this approach best supports committed patient care and a commitment to Wellness Medicine as a whole. It also offers our doctors and staff options for a meaningful career path as “owners” of the team rather than simply transient members of a team.

Street view of the entrance to Wellness Medicine GP Clinic in Clifton Hill