Integrative Medicine

Also known as Functional Medicine

Wellness Medicine Clifton Hill

Integrative Medicine Clifton Hill

For patients whom it is difficult to treat effectively within the traditional general practice framework because of the nature and complexity of the conditions, Wellness Medicine offers a speciality in Integrative Medicine delivered by Dr Joanna Hickey.

What is Integrative Medicine?

Integrative medicine (also known as Functional Medicine) at Wellness Medicine in Clifton Hill is directed at trying to treat the whole person rather than just a presenting symptom or disease. Doing this effectively requires that you, the patient, are a partner in the diagnostic and treatment process. The approach requires considering the likely most important underlying causes of whatever is troubling you and identifying those factors likely to help you to re-capture and maintain better health. 

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Integrative Medicine Clifton Hill Melbourne

Integrative (Functional) Medicine

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Fees Update Announcement

It has been more than seven years since Wellness Medicine fees have changed. Although it has been a relatively low inflation period, costs especially wages and salaries, have been increasing. To maintain the quality of service we provide, we are under pressure to cover these costs. We have held off as long as possible, but

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Australian Clinical Labs is at Wellness Medicine serving Fitzroy North Patients
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Clinical Labs – Pathology Collection Hours Extended

Wellness Medicine is pleased to announce that, effective from 30 August 2021, Clinical Labs will be collecting from 8:30am to 12:30pm every day (Mon-Fri). No appointments are necessary. We are equally pleased that the collector will be Sarah Shepherd, and she has asked us to include this note from her: Hello, My name is Sarah.

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Dr Martin Huynh sitting at desk
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Dr. Huynh reflects on being a GP and answers some of your questions

Inspired to make a positive contribution to the Clifton Hill community, Dr. Martin Huynh decided to become a GP. As GP at Wellness Medicine, Dr. Huynh enjoys creating “long term therapeutic relationships” with his patients, providing them with the utmost care. Dr. Huynh is continually researching the latest in medical advancements and treatments, to ensure

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