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Integrative medicine Vs Supplements explained by doctors at Wellness Medicine, Clifton Hills

Are there supplements involved in integrative medicine?

Some people have seen a naturopath, and they’ve just been sold supplements. Is that part of integrative medicine?

It’s certainly part of integrative medicine.

I certainly do use supplements. But we’re using them as a treatment agent to really help really serious deficiencies or to actually shift biochemical pathways that you genetically have.

There’s a lot of talk about methylation disorders at the moment and methylation is very important actually for protecting your DNA. It’s important for activating a lot of your neurotransmitters.

If you don’t methylate well, that’s a problem. So we actually would use methylating agents and supplements as a treatment, which is different from, you don’t just take a little shotgun.

I think targeted nutritional therapy is very important. – Dr Hickey