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Your First Appointment with Dr Joanna Hickey

To ensure that your work with Dr Hickey is as valuable for you as possible while at the same time, keeping your investment with us to the absolute minimum,
at least one week prior to your appointment please ensure that you have:

  • Completed and returned your registration forms to be found on our website at you will need to complete the New Patient Registration Form and the Integrative Bio Balance Registration form. When completed please email the forms to
  • Where you have had recent Blood tests please advise us of the pathology company and we will obtain the results on your behalf.
  • A referral letter if any;
  • Made an appointment with our nurse for an intake.

PLEASE DO NOT SEND any test results or reports of any sort other than blood test results and referral letters.  You may have undergone many other tests and seen many other health care professionals.  Some of this information will be very important but some may not be.  You and Dr Hickey will resolve this together at your first appointment and will decide if there are further tests that you may need to undertake.

For Your Second Appointment

Your second appointment with Dr Hickey will be for 60minutes.  The cost of this appointment is $390.  Dr Hickey will review your test results and will together determine a broad approach to your treatment.

Management Plans

If it turns out that you need a management plan of some sort, THERE MAY BE a one-off fee of up to $390 for the amount of work Dr Hickey has to do in sourcing treatment supplements/medications and detailing a written plan.  If this is required, you will be advised of this before you incur any cost.  Such a fee, if any, does not attract a Medicare rebate at all.

This plan will either be emailed to you or reviewed with you at a third appointment.

‘Concierge’ Service

Between appointments, patients often have queries about many issues such as locating medications and supplements, locating ‘missing’ test results, what to do if medications seem to be causing an adverse reaction, whether substitute medications/supplements may be used, and locating specialists or allied health providers etc.,  In the first instance our Patient Services Manager, Nicole Corveddu, will assist you with such matters and of course, if necessary will either seek advice from Dr Hickey or arrange for you to see Dr Hickey if the matter is medically complex.

Integrative Medicine Fees

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Initial 1-hour appointment $450 $110.50 $329.50
Follow up: 30 min $195-$220 $75.05 $119.95 – $144.95
Follow up: 45-60 min $290-$390 $110.50 $109.50 – $279.50


Covid Related Impact On Fees

During Covid Medicare has imposed special rules under which rebates may or may not be given.

Please talk to our Patient Services Manager, Nicole Corveddu about how this may affect you.

__FLU VACCINES AVAILABLE__: Please call our clinic on (03) 9489 7955 to book.