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Is Integrative Medicine Different To Naturopathy?

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Integrative medicine vs naturopathy by Wellness medicine, Clifton doctors

Is integrative medicine similar to naturopathy, or is it different?

There’s certainly an overlapping, there’s an area that we share with naturopathy, but as an integrative GP, I am a doctor. So I am particularly concerned with the diagnosis. Having said that I’m also interested in supporting the whole physiology and biochemistry, I am interested in the diagnosis as well. When someone comes to me for the first time, it really is my responsibility to sort out that they haven’t got any well-defined medical condition that has not been found before. – Dr Hickey

For example, I find people who’ve come with conditions. For example, chronic fatigue. They’ve seen a lot of doctors and a lot of naturopaths, and as strangely as it might sound, sometimes I find they’ve got a simple iron deficiency, which somehow they missed or it might be that it wasn’t there to begin with but now it is. That’s, I think, how we differ, that we’re still doctors, we’re still doing a complete medical consult, but we’re just bringing some other aspects to the treatment.