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Clinical Labs here at Wellness Medicine is set up to help you with advice and with all your Covid testing for both Overseas and Domestic travel (if applicable). If you actually have covid symptoms, however, please get tested first.

The easiest way to start is to talk to Sarah from Australian Clinical Labs on 9481 0262. She is available as follows:

  • Every weekday from 8:30am to 12:30pm

Important things you should know about Covid Tests for International and Domestic Travellers


This is pretty simple. Just come to our collection centre at Wellness Medicine when Sarah is there, and she will give you a Covid test and fill out the paperwork required for domestic travel. You don’t need an appointment. You only need the date of travel and THERE IS NO CHARGE.


As you would expect, this is more complicated.  For starters, there is a $150 fee and there is no medicare rebate.

If you have a travel agent, they should be able to help.

If you want to do your own research, talk to Sarah first or go to where you can order and pay for your Covid test, print or download the referral form, and then come and see Sarah for the testing and to complete the paperwork.  Again, no appointment is necessary.

Note that it is really important to look at the requirements for the country you’re visiting.  There are different requirements and some require blood tests as well as covid tests.  More information about this is available at 

Sarah can help with this as well or you can call ACL Covid Customer Service – 1300 576 258, Mon-Fri 8am-8pm.


For the latest information on quarantine and testing requirements for entering Victoria, please refer to this government information for overseas travellers.


Domestic travellers returning to Melbourne do not need to be tested for Covid. Refer to the latest government information on domestic arrivals into Victoria.


If you are intending to travel overseas, it is recommended that you visit our travel doctor for advice on risk prevention of exposure to foreign disease, including travel vaccinations for your protection. Learn more about this travel health service. 

Sarah Shepherd is a pathology collector for Clinical Labs in Clifton Hill who also provides Covid-19 tests for domestic and internal travel
Female patient receiving a Covid-19 test for international travel from Melbourne