Sexual Health

Sexual Health Wellness Medicine Clifton Hill

Wellness Medicine Clifton Hill is happy to provide a full sexual health service for our patients.

All our doctors are fully trained in sexual health from STI screening and treatment though to issues such as cervical cancer detection, men’s health and other issues of sexual wellness.

Our services include:

  • HIV, Chlamydia, Gonorrhoea, Syphilis and other sexually transmitted disease screening.
  • Treatment of common sexual infections including genital warts, UTI’s, and other genital infections.
  • Sexual health counselling
  • Men’s health concerns such as impotence, ejaculation issues, testicular pain, lumps and cancer.
  • Female sexual health including cervical cancer screening and prevention, low libido, pregnancy, menopause and contraception.

If you would like to book a caring confidential sexual health appointment please feel free to contact our friendly staff today.