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Integrative Medicine for adrenal fatigue at Wellness Medicine, Clifton Hill Doctors

I’ve heard of people talking about things like adrenal fatigue. How does this disease work into integrative medicine?

Yes. We can treat adrenal fatigue. We do deal with adrenal fatigue. It is a condition that’s not recognized by endocrinologists.

Endocrinologists will recognize a complete failure of the adrenal glands, which is called Addison’s disease. But if the adrenal is not functioning, is under functioning, but it’s not the big autoimmune process like in Addison’s disease, they don’t actually recognize it.

Whereas there are tests, simple tests, that you can do to test your adrenal functioning, one of which is a salivary cortisol test, which is taken over 24 hours. You do four separate tests, and you can get a graph showing what your cortisol’s doing every 24 hours. That can be very helpful to see how someone’s adrenal is performing.