Wellness Medicine Clifton Hill

Wellness Medicine Clifton Hill

Wellness Medicine Clifton Hill

.. a community of healing where two disciplines,

General Practice & Integrative Medicine,

work together flawlessly to deliver

Quality Patient Care

                                ... - Dr Joanna Hickey- founder

We opened our clinic because we realized that we were just as interested in what promotes wellness as in what causes sickness.

Fundamental to our philosophy is that we no longer want to see segregation but integration of modern medical practices with complementary and alternative approaches to health care. We want to put our energy into cooperation between our amazing ranges of disciplines to provide the best possible outcomes for our patients. Wellness Medicine has pulled together a multidisciplinary team that is committed to offering an optimal blend of health care to fit individual needs.

The greatest reward for us is to see our patients restored to a better state of health and wellbeing and more able to live a full, vital life.

Dr-Joanna-HickeyDoctors & Staff At Wellness Medicine

We are proud of our team of doctors in Clifton Hill. Click to meet our medical team as well as our nurses, allied health professionals and support staff.


GP and Medical Services

Wellness Medicine Clifton Hill is able to provide a wide and comprehensive array of medical services. Please click to see our full clinical services.


Integrative Medicine Services

Wellness medicine is proud to offer holistic, integrative medical care as part of our team. You can learn more about this service by clicking above.


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Answers to common questions from the best way to get to our Clifton Hill clinic, fees, prescriptions and pathology. Click to learn more.

Wellness Medicine Clifton Hill

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