Integrative Medicine Fees

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Integrative Medicine Fees (scroll right to see all fees) APPOINTMENT FEE MEDICARE REBATE (Standard/Threshold) OUT OF POCKET Initial 1-hour appointment $450 $111.50 $338.50 Follow up: 30 min $195-$220 $75.75 $119.25 – $144.25 Follow up: 45-60 min $290 – $450 $111.50 $109.50 – $338.50 **PLEASE NOTE THAT SOME TESTING IS NOT MEDICARE REBATEABLE Covid Related Impact On … Read more

Preparing For Your First Integrative Medicine Appointment

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Your First Appointment with Dr Joanna Hickey To ensure that your work with Dr Hickey is as valuable for you as possible while at the same time, keeping your investment with us to the absolute minimum, at least one week prior to your appointment please ensure that you have: Completed and returned your registration forms … Read more

What is Integrative Medicine?

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Integrative medicine (also known as Functional Medicine) at Wellness Medicine is directed at trying to treat the whole person rather than just a presenting symptom or disease. Doing this effectively requires that you, the patient, are a partner in the diagnostic and treatment process. The approach requires considering the likely most important underlying causes of … Read more

Organising An Integrative Medical Appointment

Appointments for integrative medicine at Wellness Medicine, Clifton Hill Doctors

If somebody wanted to organize an appointment to see yourself or one of the integrative doctors here, what’s their next step? What’s the next big thing that they should do? If they want to come to Wellness Medicine? Well, they would call us and request an appointment for an integrative medical appointment, and the initial … Read more

Integrative Medicine In Cancer

Integrative Medicine and cancer, Wellness Medicine Clifton Hill

If somebody has a very significant medical condition, say, a cancer or a severe autoimmune disease, what’s the role of integrative medicine? How can IM help in the care of somebody, say, with breast cancer? That’s a good question. Interestingly, I’ve had some family experience with that recently unfortunately. As an integrative doctor, it’s really … Read more

Supplements And Integrative Medicine

Integrative medicine Vs Supplements explained by doctors at Wellness Medicine, Clifton Hills

Are there supplements involved in integrative medicine? Some people have seen a naturopath, and they’ve just been sold supplements. Is that part of integrative medicine? It’s certainly part of integrative medicine. I certainly do use supplements. But we’re using them as a treatment agent to really help really serious deficiencies or to actually shift biochemical … Read more

Integrative Medicine And Irritable Bowel Disease

Integrative medicine for Bowel disease at Wellness Medicine, Clifton Hill Doctors

A lot of people are suffering with irritable bowel and they’ve had the diagnosis, but they’re left with a sense of, “Well, you’ve got the diagnosis. Now, good luck.” How does integrative medicine approach that style of illness? Well, irritable bowel is another condition that’s actually a lot of different conditions, so it’s not just … Read more

IM And Adrenal Fatigue

Integrative Medicine for adrenal fatigue at Wellness Medicine, Clifton Hill Doctors

I’ve heard of people talking about things like adrenal fatigue. How does this disease work into integrative medicine? Yes. We can treat adrenal fatigue. We do deal with adrenal fatigue. It is a condition that’s not recognized by endocrinologists. Endocrinologists will recognize a complete failure of the adrenal glands, which is called Addison’s disease. But … Read more

Integrative Medicine For Chronic Fatigue

Integrative Chronic fatigue medicine at Wellness Medicine, Clifton Hill Doctors

With chronic fatigue, what sort of results has integrative medicine had for people living with chronic fatigue? I understand it’s a very frustrating disease that’s not well understood. It is frustrating. As a diagnosis, it’s a bucket list. I mean, there’s a whole lot of conditions that come under chronic fatigue. One person with chronic … Read more

Is Integrative Medicine Different To Naturopathy?

Integrative medicine vs naturopathy by Wellness medicine, Clifton doctors

Is integrative medicine similar to naturopathy or is it different? There’s certainly an overlapping, there’s an area that we share with naturopathy, but as an integrative GP, I am a doctor. So I am particularly concerned with the diagnosis. Having said that I’m also interested in supporting the whole physiology and biochemistry, I am interested … Read more

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