Bon Voyage Dr Martin Huynh!

bon voyage

We would like to announce that Dr Martin Huynh is now on extended leave (travelling around Australia, how exciting!) from the end of October 2022 (28th October is his last day). Martin intends on returning to Wellness  Medicine after his travels. As we wish Martin well, we want to let you all know that we … Read more

Fees Update Announcement

Wellness Medicine Logo

It has been more than seven years since Wellness Medicine fees have changed. Although it has been a relatively low inflation period, costs especially wages and salaries, have been increasing. To maintain the quality of service we provide, we are under pressure to cover these costs. We have held off as long as possible, but … Read more

Dr. Huynh reflects on being a GP and answers some of your questions

Dr Martin Huynh sitting at desk

Inspired to make a positive contribution to the Clifton Hill community, Dr. Martin Huynh decided to become a GP. As GP at Wellness Medicine, Dr. Huynh enjoys creating “long term therapeutic relationships” with his patients, providing them with the utmost care. Dr. Huynh is continually researching the latest in medical advancements and treatments, to ensure … Read more

Tips to counter your work-from-home burnout

Female working long hours from home on business laptop

Working from home, if done in moderation, can actually be fun – and it comes with heaps of perks; no time wasted commuting to and from work, no dress codes unless you have a virtual meeting, flexibility and above all, you can sleep in a while more. However, as we are all learning, being confined … Read more

COVID-19 Update – Telehealth available

covid-19 telehealth

As hotspots and community cases of COVID-19 begin to rise it’s important that if you have symptoms such as fever, dry cough, tiredness, or sore throat to get checked. If you’re experiencing these or similar symptoms but remain unsure one of our experienced GPs can assess you over the phone in a telehealth consult. Get … Read more

International Men’s Health Week

men's health week

Today is the beginning of International Men’s Health Week, a week of raising awareness to the issues facing the health concerns of boys and men of all ages and a reminder not to neglect the difficult conversations surrounding sensitive health topics, including prostate cancer, erectile dysfunction, testicular pain, and lumps. Even if you feel uncomfortable, … Read more

Have You Thought About Contraception?

Choosing correct contraception pills needs consulting from general practitioners at Clifton Hill Doctors

Choosing the right type of contraception can be a difficult process. It is important that you are aware of all the options available and the pros and cons of each. The other thing to consider is that the best option for one person is not necessarily the same for another. There may be other personal … Read more

How Well Do You Know Your Skin?

Skin Cancer checks by Clifton Hill Doctors at Wellness Medicine centre

Although latest figures suggest Australia has just lost its title as the Skin Cancer capital of the world to New Zealand, the fact remains that we do have a very high incidence of skin cancer. It’s estimated that 80% of all cancers diagnosed in Australia are skin cancers, and more than 95% of those are … Read more