Sarah Shepherd

Sarah Shepherd is a receptionist at Wellness Medicine

Certificate III Pathology Collection Receptionist Sarah joined Wellness Medicine in January 2022 after a number of years working as a collector for a pathology collection company. Prior to that, Sarah had worked in floristry (she holds a certificate III in Floristry and Design) and retail pharmacy. Sarah says that she “loves working at Wellness Medicine … Read more

Rosemary (‘Rose’) De Lazzari

Rosemary (‘Rose’) De Lazzari is the Senior Receptionist at Wellness Medicine

B.A. (Multicultural Studies) Senior Receptionist Immediately after completing her degree, Rose joined Colonial Mutual as a team leader in customer service. Rose’s roles included leading call centre teams and administration teams, as well as roles in training and development. She moved from the bank to Melbourne City Baths, Parks and Recreation division of MCC. Rose … Read more

Chloe Arnott

Chloe Arnott is a receptionist at Wellness Medicine

Bachelor Fine Arts (Dance) Receptionist Chloe moved to Melbourne from the Mornington Peninsula whilst studying a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Dance at the Victorian College of the Arts (VCA). Since graduating in 2017, Chloe has been actively choreographing and performing in works with local artists. She also teaches contemporary dance at a local dance … Read more

Nicole Corveddu

Nicole Corveddu, Practice Manager at Wellness Medicine, Clifton Hill Doctors

Practice Manager Nicole is tasked with making sure that every moment of your experience with Wellness Medicine – before you enter a doctor’s room and after you leave it – is as pleasant and as efficient as possible. She has complete responsibility for managing ‘the desk’ and the team that staff it and for doing … Read more