Paige Kerrin


Paige, who joined us in February 2018, is in her second year of a Bachelor of Business (Marketing/Media and Communications).  She designed her studies to provide theory and practice with Event Management and to sharpen an innate social media marketing talent.  By 2019 Paige will be a ‘one stop shop’ for events – across every detail from promo to packdown.

Like her 5 sporty siblings (!) Paige has distinguished herself in various teams – competing most seriously in netball and basketball.  She stepped back from a punishing training regime this year to focus on study, hoping our office job would give strains and injuries a chance to recover.  Unable to go ‘cold turkey’ however, Paige soon formed a pickup basketball team of former sisters in arms; ‘Cash Money’.  In custom jerseys, emblazoned with gold dollar signs, these hard charging girls can be seen decimating a formerly low-key social league at Melbourne Sports and Aquatic Centre each Wednesday night.

Apparently able to ‘leave it on the court’ Paige is all smiles at Wellness – a delightful colleague and exemplar of her own secret mantra ‘patience for patients’.