Erin Langley


Erin joined us in August 2017.  She is in her third year (part-time) of a Bachelor of Science majoring in Physiology and Biochemistry and will follow this with a Masters of Nursing Science.  Erin has just returned from a semester of Physiology on exchange with Kings College London.  Back in 2012 she did work experience shadowing researchers at Peter MacCallum Cancer Centre so her interest in the medical field has been building for some time.

What makes it so interesting for me being a receptionist here” says Erin “is that, within the boundaries of appropriate ethics, I’m also being given the chance to understudy our Practice Nurse some of the time.  Since nursing is my career goal, it’s a fantastic opportunityI’m also incredibly impressed with the standard of patient care here and the approach to ‘whole-person’, preventative medicine that WM encourages”.

Erin has numerous awards for leadership and academic achievement and in a curious piece of serendipity, was school captain at Northcote high (as well as Dux of the school) two years after her colleague, WM Receptionist Julia Cassin, held the same appointment.  Both Erin and Julia also attended the same dance academy together for five years.

Erin has been a serious competitor in Lacrosse and swimming in the past but these days, given that she’s both working and studying, is happy if she can find a little time to get to the gym or enjoy occasional cooking.