Dr Vinith Menezes


Vinith has an Indian first name, an English middle name [Gerald] and a Portuguese surname.  Born in India, raised in Geraldton WA, and medically trained in Perth, he landed in Melbourne in 2018.

He spent 3 years delivering about 300 babies so is very familiar with women’s health (including insertion and removal of Mirena/IUDs and Implanons) and pregnancy, but is comfortable seeing all ages, genders and sexualities.

Having done extra training in skin cancer medicine, he is also comfortable doing cryotherapy for warts, sunspots, skin tags, skin checks with minor skin excisions for risky lesions and the use of specialised creams (Efudix, Aldara) for sun damaged skin.

Regarding healthcare, Vinith believes

  • humans evolved to walk upright in small groups on vast plains and thus are geared to function best when we move, have community, and eat a wide variety of foods or our physical and mental health suffers.
  • the purpose of a medical degree is to learn to appraise the evidence and acquire the knowledge to figure out what to do with new research. New health updates happen all the time, with outcomes and hype often exaggerated in news and social media.  The key is in deciding; is this new evidence reliable … and does it really apply to the patient in front of us? A good doc can help figure out what [medical] news is fake news.
  • doctors and patients must be humble in the face of human complexity and honest about uncertainty. Twenty first century general practice is vast, and we are each made of about 30 trillion cells and are changed by our life experiences – both nature and nurture.


When he’s not at work, you may find him on his bike on his way to Fitzroy pool, sipping chai and munching a croissant at a café in inner north Melbourne, playing badminton for the Melbourne Smashers in Albert Park, reading under a tree in Edinburgh gardens, or on the #11 tram.