Dr Steve McKernan


Dr McKernan is one of Victoria’s leading exponents of integrative medicine.  He is also a highly qualified general practitioner with over 30 years’ experience and his additional training enables him to offer patients the widest possible range of treatment options.

Dr McKernan has additional training in obstetrics and paediatrics, psychology, nutrition, herbal medicine and hypnosis and is also skilled in:

  • sports medicine, musculo-skeletal treatment and pain management – including the use of medical acupuncture and prolotherapy; and
  • applying integrative medicine to the treatment and management of childhood developmental problems and in particular, to autism.

Dr McKernan believes integrative medicine is the most practical approach when patients face chronic, complex or systemic medical issues because it helps patients find the treatments that best suit them.

“A GP’s major strength is in diagnosis and then presenting patients with a range of treatment options. And experience matters. You learn what works and what doesn’t.  And you learn which combinations work,” he says.

“Medicine is changing because the world is changing.  In the past doctors were big sources of knowledge about health.  Now, because of the internet and alternative sources of knowledge, doctors have a greater role in filtering and sorting out what is helpful and what is not.  We become resources to help people solve their own health problems.  It’s much more of a partnership.”

Steve also uses his training in psychology as part of normal consulting, to gain insight into conditions, “to help people change behaviour and to find the right treatment strategies.  As a generalist, you need to be skilled at dealing with the whole person, both the psychological and physical aspects,” he says.

Outside of work, Steve and his wife spend time with their six children.  He loves bushwalking, reading, watching films and gardening and he is cultivating an “edible forest garden” at his home in Ferny Creek.