Dr Hickey is pleased to be back after two months recovering from a walk alone in the Dandenongs that ended badly.

Joanna slipped on a bush track in near freezing conditions and broke her ankle.  It took the owner and gardener of the B&B, Woolwrich Retreat, plus two paramedics and four SES volunteers, three hours to find Joanna and evacuate her to Knox hospital then to St Vincents Private for surgery and pins and 8 weeks of rehab.

Joanna was anxious to get back to her patients as soon as possible but was reminded that healing often takes its own time. “I’ve gained a great deal about being on the patient’s side of the medical system.  A good doctor must keep learning. That has been the plus side of this painful experience.” Joanna said.

Albeit on crutches temporarily, Joanna is grateful to be seeing her patients again.