Tips to counter your work-from-home burnout

Female working long hours from home on business laptop

Working from home, if done in moderation, can actually be fun – and it comes with heaps of perks; no time wasted commuting to and from work, no dress codes unless you have a virtual meeting, flexibility and above all, you can sleep in a while more.

However, as we are all learning, being confined to your home due to the ongoing pandemic, the reality of working from home is far from fun…It is exhausting.

If you’re stressed with this entire COVID thing, losing your enthusiasm and overwhelmed physically and mentally, you might be suffering from burnout.

What is burnout and how do you spot it?

Burnout is characterised by physical and mental exhaustion due to prolonged stress. It is often accompanied by loss of interest, lesser interaction with others and declined productivity if you’re in an office or work environment.

The bad thing is, it can revolve around a few vital spheres of your life, negatively impacting you at work, your health, your social life and even your family.

But the good thing is, it is easy to spot and the best way to deal with it, is to deal with it quickly.

Consider your early symptoms seriously. This guide “Are you on your way to a burnout?”, is a great start to spot the red flags.

Tips to counter your work-from-home burnout

For remote workers, who are heading towards burnout or are already there, here are some easy to follow tips to cope up with them.

1. Take time off from the screen.

Spending a lot of time looking into the screen of your laptops, systems or phone strains your eyes and builds stress.

The 20-20-20 rule helps to reduce stress and headaches. The focus is to take a break after every 20 minutes of screen time, look somewhere 20 feet away for 20 seconds.

2. Maintain good sleep

Follow and maintain a consistent sleep schedule. If you are able to maintain a regular sleep pattern, you will be more active than sleeping for the same number of hours but not following a consistent pattern.

If you’re tired due to work, a power nap is beneficial. It is also recommended to do some activities after your dinner if you feel sleepy straight away. It helps in easy digestion and vital for leading an active lifestyle.

3. Get regular exercise and physical activities

Regular activities promote health and enhance the circulation of oxygen and nutrients to your tissues.

Performing some kind of physical activity like running or walking is like getting an emotional lift. This keeps you active and more relaxed. You will also feel more energised at work and will boost your confidence.

4. Create a separate workstation

reating a separate workstation at home is essential to assist with productivity. A workstation creates a consistent set up that you can leave and return to every day.

A desk with a workspace to make room for all your resources should create an office essence at home. Make this space for yourself and you will find yourself disciplined and productive.

With the ongoing pandemic, the feeling of burnout is all the more common. Learning ways to self-care and navigating through many ways to avoid burnouts, we can keep ourselves active and motivated. It is important to accommodate a few physical and mindfulness activities if you’re feeling overwhelmed.

Being aware of our symptoms and recognising early signs is vital so we can take measures to look ourselves and promote self-care.

If you’re concerned about a possible or an on-going burnout, our doctors can provide you necessary care services. Book for an online appointment or give us a call at (03) 9489 7955