Our centre is COVID-19 safe: Consult us for your normal health checks.

A doctor preparing for routine patient check at Wellness Medicine, Integrative Medicine Melbourne

In the last few months, the world has been so overwhelmed by the coronavirus that many of us have been ignoring taking care of our other health conditions.

With some ease of social distancing, it is a good time to start exploring ways to take care of our overall well-being and visit our local doctors. Wellness Medicine specialises both in general family medicine and integrative medicine.

Why visiting doctors for your normal health check is necessary, even during the pandemic

A doctor checking blood pressure in a routine medical check, Doctors in Clifton Hill

Doctors around the world are requesting patients not to neglect their normal health issues and carry out their routine health checks by visiting their local GPs. The doctors at Wellness Medicine are still seeing patients for skin checks, cervical screening as well as any other health checks that cannot be done via telehealth.

What are we doing at our centre to make it COVID-safe?

Hand sanitiser and mask for COVID-19 protection in Wellness Medicine, Integrative medicine Melbourne

To ensure we provide a safe environment for all our patients, doctors, and our medical staff, we have initiated major changes at our clinic. As part of our safety procedures:

  • Throughout the pandemic we have worked closely with an infection control expert to make sure we keep our medical centre sanitised and ensure all our consultation rooms, waiting rooms, and equipment are thoroughly cleaned multiple times a day and safe to handle.
  • If you’re worried about your safety, you can still consult our doctors remotely through telehealth
  • We are triaging patients on the phone and at the door on arrival.
  • We ensure the highest social distancing norms are maintained at our medical centre at any given time.

Don’t delay if you’re finding this lockdown challenging and feel you need health care services. All our doctors are available for face to face as well as telehealth consultations. It is important to continue screening health conditions to ensure you’re healthy and protected from further issues. If you need to discuss our services, you can contact us here or book online through our online appointment service.